Teresa Giudice Says Worst Possible Thing About Joe Gorga Yet Wonders Why They Don't Get Along

teresa giudiceIf there's one thing Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is good at, it's stirring the pot. No matter how much she claims to dislike drama, Tre just can't help herself. So I can't exactly say I'm surprised at Giudice's recent (rude) comments about her brother, Joe Gorga, and how he is disrespectful to their father, who is very ill.

Oh, Teresa. If you really, truly want to mend things with your brother -- for your sake and your parents' -- you'll just ... stop talking. At the rate you're going, the two of you are never going to make up.


In the upcoming episode of RHONJ, Teresa tells the camera that she's happy her father is feeling better. "I'm really happy my dad's out of the hospital," she says. "I just love him being around." But then, unsurprisingly, Teresa's comments shift to her brother, Joe, and how he's not there. "My dad raised us with a lot of respect," she says. "I would never raise my voice at my father, but I’ve seen my brother do that with my father and with me."

It seems like every chance she gets, Teresa gets in little digs about her brother. She loves telling the world (and I'm assuming her parents) that he's not a good son. It certainly seems that Teresa has a closer relationship with her parents than Joe does, but perhaps there's a very specific reason for that. If Teresa really wants her family to get along, she should stop running her mouth. That's problem number one right there.

What do you think of Teresa's constant comments about her brother?

Image via Bravo

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