Rob Kardashian's Weight Loss Battle Isn't Lost Just Because He Ate a Burger

rob kardashian eating a burgerRob Kardashian's weight loss struggles have been a topic of controversy and conversation in his reality TV fam's household for months now. Remember when Kim attempted to stage an intervention with her little bro, calling him out on eating piles of BBQ in front of his friends and suggesting that she and Khloe feed him so much junk food that maybe he'd throw in the towel on it for good? Ha. That didn't seem to work! Nonetheless, Rob has supposedly been attempting to eat healthier, cut back on drinking, and work out with brother-in-law Lamar Odom's trainer to pare the 50 pounds he claims he still wants to lose in six months. Awesome!

Still, that didn't stop some from clucking when they saw the selfie of Rob eating a burger yesterday ... Yeah, forget the Fourth of July! Isn't this guy supposed to be committed to losing?! NO EXCUSES! No indulgences!


I kid. That sort of drill sergeant attitude about weight loss is totally ridiculous. A burger can be perfectly fine, if you're eating lean meat, a whole wheat bun, basic tomato, lettuce, mustard, relish, ketchup, etc. You could even be okay with some good fat from avocado or just a slice of (preferably organic/reduced-fat) cheese. In other words, a burger isn't necessarily always a total fat fest junk food destined to clog up your arteries.

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And even if it is, is one burger on a holiday really indicative that Rob's throwing in the towel on his plan? Puhleeez. People with a weight loss goal still have to live their lives and indulge a craving from time to time. It actually helps you stay on track, because you're not "eating around" the craving, wracking up calories on other foods that aren't the food you want.

Sure, there's a chance Rob isn't taking his healthy eating regimen seriously. I'd believe that in a heartbeat, given how impossible it was for him to bite the bullet and clean up his act in the first place. But I'm thinking this one Fourth of July burger isn't proof that he's blowing it. Given all the resources he has and attention surrounding his weight loss journey, my money's on him making it to his goal --  all while eating a burger here and there along the way.

Do you think it's important to indulge on occasion when working toward a weight loss goal?


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