Intimate Shot Shows How Katy Perry & John Mayer Really Celebrated July 4 (PHOTO)

john mayer and katy perryJohn Mayer is about to blow up. Not, like, an old school angry Playboy interview John Mayer eruption. More like he's about to be everywhere. The star made an appearance on Today this morning to kick off his nationwide summer tour this Saturday, and made an extra special appearance on Katy Perry's Instagram feed yesterday. Just a few weeks after Perry confessed her love for John, saying that she's "still madly in love with him" in a Vogue interview, things seem to be going well for the on-again off-again couple. At the very least, they're most definitely hanging out -- which means maybe Robsten fans can get off Katy's back, eh?

Wearing coordinating stars and stripes outfits to celebrate the Fourth of July, the picture shows Mayer and Perry embracing with the caption: "Whose broad strips & bright stars?!" Seriously, adorable. Click to see the snuggling celebs, here:


Katy Perry and John Mayer celebrate July 4

It's cute, period. Although I wouldn't mind a chance to go out on a date with Mayer (a girl can dream, right?) -- something tells me that he and Katy could be in it for the long haul. I mean any man that's willing to match you in public? That's a keeper.

Do you think John Mayer and Katy Perry make a good couple?


Image via Splash News, KatyPerry/Instagram

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