Lucky Babies Born on Same Day as Kate Middleton's Will Receive a Special Gift

silver penniesPregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life no matter what, but all the gals who are due to deliver sometime in the next week or so must be freaking out at the possibility of their child being born on the same day as the royal baby. Or at least I know if I were pregnant right now, I'd be all in a tizzy over the idea of giving birth the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge. (It would make us soul sisters or something.)

And for moms-to-be in the U.K. who are nine months along, the day their baby arrives could prove to be a bigger good luck charm than they ever imagined. British moms who give birth the same day as Kate Middleton will receive a silver penny from the Royal Mint. It will come in either a blue or pink pouch depending on whether the baby is a boy or girl, and the coin will be dated 2013.


The idea follows the tradition of offering a gift of silver for good luck when a baby is born -- although having your child share a birthday with the most famous baby in the world has to be yet another dose of good fortune in itself.

All parents in the U.K. have to do in order to receive their coin is to visit the Royal Mint's Facebook page and upload a copy of their baby's birth certificate within 60 days. (Easy-peasy, right?)

OMG. I won't lie -- I'm a tiny bit jealous of all the moms who are going to wind up getting one of these lucky coins, because it's like having a unique little piece of history that only a select few will have the opportunity to enjoy. (Can you imagine how much those things will be worth someday? Cha-ching!)

And it's so sweet that the Royal Mint is not only commemorating the royal baby's birth, but also allowing other moms to share in Prince William and Kate's joy by providing them with a special token to celebrate the newest heir to the throne while also honoring their own special delivery.

Gee-whiz. The idea of having one of these coins is so exciting, I almost wish I were living across the pond and sporting a big ole' baby bump right now so I could possibly have one too. (Ok, so not really -- but you have to admit, receiving one would be pretty cool.)

Is your due date soon? Have you wondered whether you'll give birth the same day as Kate?


Image via curtis.kennington/Flickr

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