Justin Timberlake Releases NSFW Video Conveniently on Your Day Off (VIDEO)

tunnel vision justin timberlakeAh, those golden letters: NSFW. They're nearly irresistible, aren't they?   But resist you must, if you happen to see them attached to a viral video while you're in the office. Fortunately today is a national holiday, which means a lot of you have the day off. Which means you get to watch the new Justin Timberlake NSFW video for "Tunnel Vision." Over and over again! If you want.

Here's the irony: As a blogger, it's kind of my job to watch NSFW videos. Hell, I got paid to watch a sex tape at work a few weeks ago. But I'm working at home today, which means my "boss" is my nine-year-old son. And I really don't want him to catch me watching this video. So here I am, sneaking a peek while he's in the other room.  Anyway, I guess you want to know what's not-safe-for-work about this video, right?


Justin Timberlake keeps his clothes on. Sorry, fans. He'll be in his suit and tie t-shirt and button-up. It's all lady nudity, as usual. While Justin croons, various topless women writhe and dance with smoke. It's pretty steamy and, uh... tasteful? You know what I mean, artful and flattering photography. I think it's going to get a LOT of views. People are going to hit that replay button over and over again. Alone

So. What does it all MEAN??? Is this the direction we're headed? First Robin Thicke with his "Blurred Lines" video (by the way, I didn't think the song was rapey, just cheesy). And now this. When you think about it, there's nothing groundbreaking about this new video. It's the music business as usual, just with the line pushed a little farther. Tell me when there's a video with naked men writhing and dancing around. (No really, tell me. I want to know.)

In the meantime, might I suggest a few other videos for the ladies? Check out Janelle Monae's "Dance Apocalyptic." I'm thinking I may have to clear time in my schedule today to learn those dance moves. I'm kind of obsessed with Laura Mvula's "Green Garden" -- the video starts out not very green, but hang in there. Green gardens happen. Basement Jaxx's video for "Back 2 the Wild" is weird and wonderful. And then there's bad girl M.I.A. with her "Bring The Noize" video, out to piss everyone off -- and I love her for that.

But if you really must see it, and if you've got a moment to yourself, here's Justin Timberlake's SEXXXY TIMES video. 

What's your favorite new music video so far this summer?


Image via justintimberlakeVIVO/YouTube



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