Kim Kardashian’s Going Stir Crazy at Home With Baby but It’s Her Own Fault

kim kardashianDid we reach that portion in our pop culture cycle where we start to feel bad for reality stars? Is that happening? Because Kim Kardashian is allegedly going stir crazy at home with baby North, and I almost feel bad for her. While being stranded at home is pretty standard stuff for any mother of a newborn, Kim's life is, like, soooo much worse because she can't leave the house, even if she wanted to.


A source told RadarOnline:

She says she feels isolated and wants to get out of the house but she can’t because she doesn’t want her picture taken by the paparazzi.

But it's more about money than anything else. If a photog snaps a pic of Kim and baby before they have a chance to sell a photo themselves, that's a costly missed opportunity.

Point is, Kim could venture out for a walk or an errand if she wanted to, but she's staying inside to ensure the biggest pay-day possible.

And you were about to feel badly that Kim "can't leave the house." Ha.



Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram

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