'Downton Abbey's Next Scandalous Affair Could Give Dowager Countess a Heart Attack

lady rose downton abbeyDownton Abbey's Dowager Countess always has something to be scandalized over. Every episode is a parade of eyebrow-raising, cane-tapping, nervous sherry-sipping, and well-I-never-ing. Have you ever seen anyone say so much simply by clearing her throat? But this season is shaping up to be so opprobrious, I'm fearing for a stroke. Julian Fellowes swears he won't kill off any more characters, but I honestly have no idea how Violet could possibly survive what's coming next: Lady Rose's next gentleman friend.


The Downton cast still refuses to divulge details about season 4, but we've a few photos of Lady Rose apparently on a date -- with Jack Ross. Not only is he black (this is a really long time ago, remember), he's a JAZZ singer (music that whips people into sexual frenzy) and he's ... horrors ... American. That may be the most galling thing of all.

As we know from season 3, Rose loves taking risks and pushing boundaries. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if she'd seen Jack singing at her favorite club the night before and just wanted to get to know him better. Sure, Jack is cute and looks like fun, but the thrill would all be in the risk for Rose.

Of course, none of the photos show so much as fingers brushing. Jack and Rose are just innocently rowing a boat. But the scenery is romantic and there are cushions in that boat. Where there are cushions, making out can happen! Or maybe that's just me. Maybe Rose and Jack only want to be comfortable. Think Jack floats Rose's boat?

We'll have to see. Knowing Violet, though, I'm sure it's enough that Lady Rose is alone and waterborne with any man. Anything could happen! Sex or drowning, take your pick. Either could prove catastrophic.

Do you think Lady Rose will have a romance with Jack Ross, or are they just friends?


Image via Masterpiece Theater

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