'Princesses: Long Island' Star Disrespects 9/11 Memorial by Pouring Beer All Over It

Amanda BertonciniPrincesses: Long Island would never be accused of being a subtle show. The over-the-top antics of these pampered Jewish ladies who are in their late 20s and still living with their parents are often obnoxious and rude, but cast member Amanda Bertoncini has taken it to a new level.

During a photo shoot for her business venture (colorful beer covers), Bertoncini encouraged a friend to pour beer sexily into the mouth of a statue. Unfortunately, the statue was actually a memorial to a fallen firefighter -- 29-year-old Jonathan Ielpi -- who lost his life on 9/11. The insensitivity is truly beyond imagining.

Ielpi’s father, Lee, also a firefighter, was horrified by the clip. He told the New York Daily News:


"It was a slap to the people of Great Neck. It was a slap to the fire department of Great Neck and it was a slap to all of the people that were lost on 9/11."

He's right. If it were our founding fathers, I would say the same thing. But it wasn't. It was even more recent than that. This young man only died 12 years ago and she can't even remember it well enough to respect it?

You don't ignore history and disrespect any monument, but this man has living relatives who have to see that. Truly, it's despicable, especially for a show that is already so over the line into offensive territory.

Bravo has since pulled the clips and won't be airing them. Bertoncini herself has apologized, saying she never meant to hurt anyone and didn't know the "sentimental value" of the statue.

Still, the larger issue is the show's utter tone deafness to almost everything. The stereotypes these women embody are deep ones that feed anti-semitism and make a mockery of young Jewish women. Their lack of intellect, clear disregard for history, and economic dependence on their parents long past the point where it's appropriate are truly nauseating. And now, it only gets worse.

This show is a joke. Take it off the air.

Do you think this show is hugely offensive?


Image via Bravo

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