‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Gives Jaime Lannister a Homecoming He Never Expected

jaime lannister brienneAll right, Game of Thrones fans, out of this innate, intense, really weird desire to keep talking about the series even though season 3 wrapped long ago, I've been doing some character-by-character spoilers about what we might anticipate in season 4 -- since, you know, A Storm of Swords has already been written and season 4 is based off of it. Makes figuring out "what's to come" a tad easier, eh, nerds?

We (kind of) know what will happen to the universally despised King Joffrey. And Tyrion Lannister. So now ... what about another dark horse fan favorite, who had so many incredible moments in season 3: Jaime Lannister?

Jaime's final scene in the third season has already thrown us book readers off. So come, grab a goblet of wine, your nearest whore, and your shiniest sword, and let's discuss this gorgeous fictional character's season 4 future. There are BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD. Fans already know the Internet is DARK and full of SPOILERS.


We left Jaime on the television series staring right at his sister/lover Cersei, after being apart for far too long, and she can't help but notice he's, well ... he's missing his freakin' hand.

In the book, however, Jaime doesn't meet up with Cersei until after the Purple Wedding and his son, Joffrey, is dead. He finds Cersei mourning Joffrey's body ... which apparently is the perfect time to get it on. Right in front of said body. But their relationship soon falls apart after this encounter. That would have been quite the scene had HBO stuck to the book, so the question remains: On the show, will they have sex after first seeing each other, or will they wait until after the Purple Wedding? And will Jaime attend said wedding??

Really important crap here, people.

Anyway, all through season 3, Tywin schooled both of his children, Tyrion and Cersei, in ways that would make even the scariest, most stringent Tiger Mom wet herself. Of course in season 4, it's most likely Jaime's turn. Since Jaime can no longer fight, Tywin hopes that he would quit the Kingsguard, after giving him a beautiful sword made of Valyrian steel (Jaime's all, WTF, I have no hand to swing it with). When he refuses to resign, Tywin essentially disowns him.

So Jaime takes up his leadership role in the Kingsguard while trying to reform the group yet still feeling extremely useless without being able to fight and prove himself. Eventually, Jaime also bids Brienne farewell (after vouching for her when she is unjustly accused of Renly Baratheon's death -- remember Melisandre's shadow creature?), and he gives his sword to her. This is particularly poignant because it was made from Eddard Stark's sword Ice -- he asks that she finds and protects Arya and Sansa with Ned's own steel. Oh GOD I'm tearing up already ... can't wait to see this scene!

Whew, and then we get the final moments between Jaime and his little brother Tyrion. Tyrion is blamed for Jaime's son's death and is sentenced to be executed, but Jaime helps him escape. He confesses to Tyrion that their father made him lie and say Tyrion's first wife was a whore, though she actually truly did love Tyrion. Tyrion, naturally, is outraged, and swears revenge on his family, claims Cersei slept with other men while Jaime was away, and that he actually did kill Joffrey, even though he didn't, just to hurt his brother even more. Is their relationship forever damaged? It kind of sucks since they are two such likable, relatable, broken characters who could definitely use each other's help! Ah, well, this is Game of Thrones, after all.

That parting scene with Brienne will hopefully be spectacularly brilliant (as well as Jaime's confession to Tyrion) -- but it's kind of disappointing we won't get to see more of the odd couple, unless HBO diverges from the book. Either way, Jaime's got quite the storyline ahead of him in season 4. The wait is, in a word, torturous -- jeez, this must be what Theon Greyjoy feels like.

Do you think we'll see more of Jaime and Brienne in season 4 than we do in the last half of A Storm of Swords?


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