Ryan Seacrest Dating Dominique Piek? 5 Things to Know About the Stunning Supermodel

dominique piekWatch out now, everyone -- Ryan Seacrest reportedly has a new lady friend and she is fine. Like, really fine. The American Idol and radio host, who broke up with girlfriend Julianne Hough after three years of dating this past March, was allegedly spotted out with Sports Illustrated model Dominique Piek. Mhm, apparently Ryan Seacrest and Dominique Piek are dating.

According to one source, Ryan and Dominique recently went out to dinner twice in one week and were rumored to be on vacation together in the French Riviera this past weekend. Now that's the kind of fancy dating a girl could get used to.

So who is this lady? Check out 5 things you should know about Ryan Seacrest's new fling, Dominique Piek, here:


1. Her birthday's coming up: July 13, 1985. This means that she's a full 11 years younger than Seacrest, 38.

2. She's from South Africa: And man does that heritage do her well. Do you see that perfectly bronzed skin? Yup, jealous.

3. She's tall: Well, pretty tall. She's got a few inches on Ryan Seacrest, ranking in at 5'10''. I wonder how he feels about that.

4. She used to date Chris Pine: Yeaaaaaahh I'm a little envious too. The couple was together for a year and a half before splitting up this past April. According to Pine, the reason they broke up was because it's hard to maintain a relationship in the industry they're in. Eeesh.

5. She loves to tweet: You can catch her @dominiquepiek. From the looks of things, she seems fun and playful with her social media.

What do you think -- do Dominique and Ryan make a cute couple?


Image via Splash News

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