Farrah Abraham Is So Tacky Even 'Playboy' Turns Her Down

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham is now in rehab for 10 days, but that doesn't mean the once star of MTV's reality show Teen Mom is completely under the radar. In fact, she has recently been heard saying she would not do nude photos in general (um, yeah right), but would get undressed for the "right" magazine. Namely, Playboy.

Well, she can kiss that dream goodbye.

A source from Playboy told WetPaint that there was no way that was ever going to happen and that having Farrah taint their pages wasn't good for the magazine's bottom line. Good on Hefner! See the exact quote below:


Farrah’s chances of being in the pages of Playboy are very slim! Haven’t we seen all that we need to see from her already? The monetary gain of an issue with her in it wouldn’t be beneficial to Playboy's bottom line.

Exactly. Farrah already gave it all away with her Backdoor Teen Mom porn movie starring James Deen. We have seen way TOO much of her lately. The whole point of Playboy is tasteful nudes that bring young ingenues into the spotlight. 

Farrah's only spotlight is the kind of hot, dusty one that litters Midwestern strip clubs. The girl is a used up specimen. Anyone who wants to see her nude can google it. Why would they pay for Playboy? Why would Playboy demean their brand by inviting someone so used up and gross to be on their pages?

Sorry, Farrah that ship has sailed for you.

Once she finishes up rehab, maybe she can focus on regaining some dignity. Or doing more porn. Or fighting more with Charlie Sheen. Whatever she does, it's not going to be Playboy. She can forget that pipe dream. Maybe Hustler is hiring?

Do you think Farrah should do a magazine shoot?

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