Robert Pattinson's Mystery Girl Is the Perfect Revenge on Kristen Stewart

Riley KeoughOh, man. The identity of Robert Pattinson's new gal pal has been revealed, and you aren't going to believe who she is. You know who I'm talking about, right? The Kristen Stewart lookalike who went with him to buy a ping-pong table? (So romantic.)

It turns out she's not just some random chick. Not even close. She's none other than Riley Keough, Kristen's co-star in The Runaways, and oh yeah, she also happens to be Elvis Presley's granddaughter. (Talk about some seriously famous blood.)


Apparently she's been a mutual friend of Rob and Kristen's for quite some time, and even attended KStew's birthday party back in April. And now she and Rob are all cozy and playing ping-pong together and God knows what else.

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And you know Kristen is probably upset about Riley and Rob's rebound romance, especially considering this girl is one of her friends, making the situation even more awkward and uncomfortable than him moving on with someone new already is.

But as far as Rob is concerned, he honestly couldn't have picked a better person to hook up with right after the split, because he's totally going out on a limb and getting the perfect revenge on Kristen. Nothing quite rubs salt in an open wound like dating one of your ex's good pals -- especially when she's also drop-dead gorgeous and the granddaughter of the King of Rock and Roll. (You know her family lineage has to be driving Kristen insane.)

And while this relationship is still very new, can you even imagine how nuts Kristen will go if Rob and Riley wind up getting serious? She was engaged before to actor Alex Pettyfer, so it's obvious that she's not afraid to settle down and get serious with a dude. 

But if Rob and Riley do become Hollywood's new "It" couple, they're gonna need a good nickname to replace Robsten.

I've got it! Robley. It's perfect.

Do you think Riley and Rob make a good couple?


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