Kate Middleton's First Baby Photo Will Be Released Much Sooner Than We Thought

baby handsOMG. As if the impending birth of the royal baby wasn't exciting enough, now it looks as though we'll get to see photos of the little prince or princess way, WAY sooner than most of us probably expected! (Ahhhhh!)

According to a royal aide, Kate Middleton and Prince William will pose for pictures with the baby when they leave the hospital -- which immediately conjures up images of Princess Diana and Prince Charles standing there with baby Prince William. (Remember that photo? SO sweet.)


And what a wonderful way to continue a beautiful family tradition by introducing the world to their baby the same way Princess Diana did -- almost like she's there in spirit in some way, shape, or form. (Tears.)

You know what Kate and Wills should do? They should put the photo of them with their baby and the one of him with his parents side-by-side in a frame and display it in their home somewhere. Wouldn't that be perfect?!?

Man. Is this news enough to really keep us on pins and needles or what? We already knew that we'd hear a formal baby announcement right after the birth, but did you really think we'd see pictures of the child so soon? Given how protective Prince William is of Kate, it wouldn't be a huge shock for her and the baby to be whisked away from the hospital in the middle of the night so no one could nab a shot of them, and then safely hidden away for a couple weeks (or months) until Kate's a little more ready to make an official appearance.

How wonderful that they are willing to share their joy with the rest of the world right away instead of keeping us in suspense! And you know Kate is going to look nothing short of stunning (even after labor and delivery). She probably has the perfect baby debut outfit all picked out already. (Ooo! I can't wait to see it.)

One thing's for sure -- this photo will be all over the place the minute someone manages to snap the shot. Photographers are already camped out in front of St. Mary's hospital in anticipation of Kate going into labor, which could happen any time in the next couple of weeks. 

Get excited, you guys, it won't be long now!

Are you surprised that Kate and Prince William are planning on posing for pictures with the baby?


Image via rahego/Flickr

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