Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Have a New 'Real Housewives' BFF

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciI don't care what they say about wanting to move back to Dallas and have a "normal" life together. The fact that Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are buddies with a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills guest star pretty much proves that they're part of the Hollywood crowd now.

Yep, Sean and Catherine went on a double date with Pandora Vanderpump and her husband, Jason Sabo, to a wine bar in L.A., and now they're all sorts of chummy and you know they're gonna be invited to the wedding.

The four of them must have been set up by Pandora's mom, Lisa Vanderpump, who had the pleasure of getting to know Sean on Dancing With the Stars. Aww. Isn't that sort of adorable? Who knew she was such a great matchmaker? (I smell a second career.)


Huh. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it sounds like Catherine and Sean are getting pretty settled out in La-La-land, and it's obvious that they fit in perfectly with the reality-TV types. And that's why it'll be an absolute shocker if they ever leave Cali after they get married. 

I mean, the signs are all there as far as the two of them digging life in the spotlight and not being willing to give it up anytime soon. From going straight from The Bachelor to DWTS to chillin' with RHOBH peeps to their big TV wedding to those little rumors about the two of them getting their own reality TV spinoff show -- Sean and Catherine really seem destined to be in showbiz. (I guess once you get bit by the fame bug, it becomes kind of addicting.)

And honestly, at this point, they should probably just go ahead and quit trying to deny the fact that they're celebs now, and that the chances of them leaving L.A. to move to Dallas are pretty much slim to none. It's not like anyone will hold it against them or anything. Good grief. What couple wouldn't embrace a life of fame and fortune if it basically fell into their laps? Considering how far they've come since they first started their respective journeys for finding love on TV, they'd be crazy to give it all up now.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will make a return to TV?


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