Justin Theroux's Commando Jog Is His Way of Showing Jennifer Aniston What She’s Missing (PHOTO)

Move over, Jon Hamm. There's another big dick in town. Jennifer Aniston's fiance, Justin Theroux, was spotted jogging commando in NYC, and can I just say? Nice goin', Jen. High five! Jen's man was wearing sweats and a T-shirt -- and nothing else -- well, okay earbuds -- but nothing else -- when he took a run while filming his latest movie, The Big One -- I mean, The Leftovers. But if you take off Justin's briefs, there's a lot left over.






Readers at US Weekly were vociferous in their opinion of Justin's package. Some examples:

- No wonder Jen is always smiling.

- Comparing him to Jon Hamm is like comparing a Vienna sausage to a kielbasa. [But which is which?]

- Those are some BIG balls. Wait 'til he's 80!

Yet even Justin's assets are apparently not making Jen happy. An insider tells US Weekly that Jen, who is in Los Angeles while Justin films, is "cranky" from the stress of too many movie projects. Seriously, Jen, you've got a nice stress reducer right in front of you, don't let it get away!

All I can say is that it's too bad pics of Brad Pitt going commando haven't surfaced so we could do some comparison shopping. But I'm betting that Jen isn't too upset about Angelina Jolie these days.

Now hopefully Justin will take all of this in the spirit it's intended, and not get all offended like Jon Hamm got when the Internet went balls-istic over his gigantic ham. It could be worse, couldn't it, Justin?

What do you think of Justin's junk?


Images via AccidentalPaparrazzi/Flickr/Splash News

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