Robert Pattinson's Former Flame Could End Up Playing Anastasia Steele

emilie de ravinOnce Upon a Time and Lost star Emilie de Ravin famously made headlines for getting cozy with Robert Pattinson when they co-starred in Remember Me. She was even rumored to have been one of the reasons Kristen Stewart cheated -- gasp! Now the actress is getting buzz for something potentially, equally as jaw-dropping: Perhaps lobbying -- or already being cast -- to appear in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie!?!

The "evidence": When E.L. James tweeted the film's August 1, 2014 release date last week, Emilie re-tweeted and added her own two cents ...


Which was ... drum roll please ... “:))))))))) #excited.”

Okay, not exactly EARTH-shattering, but still -- she's obviously extremely enthusiastic. Why might that be?

To be fair, just about any remark -- or answer to a wisely-posed question -- about the steamy series will get a good-looking, under-35-year-old actor or actress on the rumored contenders list lately. This interaction could easily fall in that category. It could also be that Emilie simply loves herself some Christian and Ana. Who says there aren't actresses who are as much the Fifty Shades fan girl as those of us who don't recite lines in front of a camera for a living? A third possibility -- she just happens to be friendly with Erika and is showing her support.

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Regardless, let's hope the truth is one of the above and not that she's actually up for Anastasia Steele. For some reason, Emilie as Kate Kavanagh I could see ... maaaaybe. But at 31, she seems a bit more mature and worldly to be Ana. Let's hope the search continues -- or if the role's been cast, it's gone to someone who is as enthusiastic as they are a perfect fit.

What do you think of Emilie de Ravin as Anastasia? Do you think there's anything to her Twitter interaction with E.L.?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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