Robert Pattinson Spotted With Kristen Stewart Lookalike Doing Something You'd Never Expect

Robert PattinsonAnnnnddd the plot thickens. You guys -- Robert Pattinson was caught with a girl who could be Kristen Stewart's twin over the weekend, leaving us all to wonder who she is and what the heck they were doing together.

All we know is that they were in his truck, which oddly enough had a ping-pong table in the bed of it. So whoever this chick is must share a love of table tennis we never knew he had. (He's so mysterious.)

And apparently the two of them took said ping-pong table back to his house -- but odds are good we'll never know what happened between them from there.

OMG. What does this all mean?


The possibilities are endless, people.

Maybe Rob is still secretly pining for Kristen, and he ran into this woman while he was out shopping and was blown away by her KStew-esque appearance, so he convinced her to come home with him. She agreed -- but only on the condition that he purchase a ping-pong table to keep them (ahem) occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

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Or could it be that he and this mystery woman are already really serious, are moving in together, and decided to furnish their game room with a fun activity they can enjoy in between steamy bedroom sessions? Could be. (But probably not.)

Huh. Maybe we're getting too carried away and she's really just a friend of Rob's who happened to accompany him that day to buy the ping-pong table -- which is part of a bigger plan to turn his house into a huge man cave where he and his bros can hang out.

Ooh! Wait, I know. He hired this gal as some sort of a decoy because he knew photographers would capture a shot of them together. You see where I'm going with this, right? Yep. He was trying to make Kristen jealous and figured the sight of him with another woman who just happens to be her long lost twin would send her straight back into his arms.

And now they can reconcile over a few friendly games of ping-pong and vow never to let a little thing like cheating or distance tear them apart again.

Let me guess -- you're still not convinced that any of those scenarios are true. Yeah, me neither. I guess we'll have to wait and see who Rob takes with him to shop for new master bedroom furniture before we go jumping to conclusions.

Who do you think this mystery gal is?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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