Now Kim Kardashian Is Apparently So Depressed About Her Baby Weight She Isn’t Leaving the House

Kim KardashainSigh. You really aren't going to believe this nasty little rumor. Apparently Kim Kardashian is ashamed of her post-baby body and refuses to leave the house because she's still carrying around a few extra pounds -- two weeks after welcoming baby North West.

You know, because if she hasn't been spotted out shopping in L.A., going to lunch with Kourtney and the kids, or strolling with the baby near her mom's home (where she's currently shacking up), then she must be upset over the fact that she's not quite back in her skinny jeans yet.

(Is this the biggest bunch of nonsense you've ever heard or what?)


OMG. Again -- it's only been two weeks since Kim gave birth. Should we honestly expect her to go right back to her regular routine like a major life change hasn't just occurred? Because that's just not realistic for any new mom -- celebrity or not.

After I had my son, it was closer to three weeks postpartum before I mustered up the courage to venture out of the house. Want to know where I went? To the drive-thru mailbox at the post office to send out a few bills. Didn't even get out of the car -- and the baby cried the entire way there and back. (And so did I.)

It was at least another week or two after that first outing before I actually took the baby out of the car and entered a store. I was terrified that he might start fussing, need a diaper change, or that he'd catch some God-awful disease since his immune system wasn't built up yet. On top of that, my daily routine was so chaotic, I usually didn't make it downstairs until 1 p.m. -- which made getting out of the house almost impossible.

And even though she likely has a ton of people (family and hired staff) helping her out, Kim is still probably having a tough time adjusting to life with a newborn, and she just isn't ready to stray too far from home yet.

It doesn't mean she's embarrassed or ashamed of the way she looks -- it simply means she's a mom who is devoted to her child and getting used to the whole parenting thing.

That being said, can we please give her a break already?

How long did it take you to leave the house after having a baby?


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