'DWTS' Season 17 Casting Rumor Is Going to Make a WHOLE Lot of People Angry

DWTSSeason 17 of Dancing With the Stars may have a shocking star in the mix when it comes on this fall. The show, which is no stranger to controversy (think Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin), is courting none other than the embattled chef of fatty cuisine herself: Paula Deen. Oh boy, let the haters come out.

Deen is being accused of all kinds of horrible things during her reign as the queen of the Food Network. She lost many big endorsements and has been forced to apologize for her past and all the racist things she said. She is also accused of running a business where her employees didn't feel safe and of planning a "slave themed" wedding. Classy lady, right? Yuck, yuck, and yuck.

Of course, she would get HUGE ratings, but is that always worth it?


As a fan of DWTS and NOT a fan of Paula Deen, I find this whole notion a little offensive. Why does she need to be on the show? What role does she really serve?

This is such a clear ploy for ratings (assuming it's true), it's almost laughable. This scandal isn't two years ago. It's now. Shouldn't they at least let the lawsuits all be settled before putting her on a national show dedicated to dancing? Doesn't that seem a little shallow?

Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin were controversial, but they weren't offensive. They weren't engaged in illegal activities or spewing hateful slurs. Those are different things. Personally, I like DWTS to be a little controversial. I like the drama, but this? This is over the top.

It's just too soon, people. Let's give it a year, let things shake out, and then maybe have her on (maybe). It's not like she is some kind of known dancer. This is entirely for ratings and it's a huge disappointment. Don't do it ABC!

Do you think Paula Deen would be good on DWTS?


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