Ke$ha Is Selling Jewelry Made of Human Teeth & You Know You Want It

kesha tooth headdressRemember when Ke$ha asked her fans to send her their teeth and she ended up with over 1000 human teeth? And then she made a headdress out of the teeth, among other things? No? Well, she did that back in November. And if you happened to feel sharp pangs of envy upon seeing the tooth headdress, you're in luck. Ke$ha's new jewelry line will feature teeth. It launches in August, oddly enough not via Etsy.


Sadly, the Kesha Rose "Cannibal Collection" will not include that glorious tooth headdress. I know -- I am bitterly disappointed, too. However, she will be selling a gold-cast tooth charm bracelet, a tooth pendant, tooth earrings, and a tooth ring. All I can say is why, oh why, could she have not made this line available for Mother's Day? Missed opportunity. No, but seriously, the gold-cast tooth pieces do look kind of cool, and I'm sure Ke$ha's fans will love the way she's giving back all those teeth.

Would you buy jewelry made of teeth?


Image via Twitter

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