Miley Cyrus' Electric Blue Skirt Suit Will Make You Dizzy (PHOTO)

miley cyrusWhen Miley Cyrus isn't stuck under a vending machine, waiting for Channing Tatum, she's looking fly out and about on the town. On Thursday, the singer slash twerker stepped out in New York City in something Carrie Bradshaw circa 1988 would have absolutely died for. In an electric blue skirt with slits up to here and a matching Emilio Pucci crop-top dragon jacket, Miley Cyrus' '80s throwback outfit was very much appreciated.


It was a risk though, which is why she wore it to the Sirius XM studios. Even this outfit looks amazing on radio.

The cherry on the '80s sundae was Ms. Cyrus's blond buzz-cut. It's rocker, it's punk, it's vintage, it's modern, it's oh-so Miley. And I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her amazing legs. Dayum, girl. You work out?

If her crazy blue skirt-suit outfit isn't your taste, perhaps you'll find comfort in the fact that at least she's pretty covered up. Miley's had trouble recently in the shorts department in so much as she couldn't find any that covered her ass, but here, in the skirt, there's no buttcheek to be seen.

Here's to not seeing Miley's butt!

Like her blue outfit or loathe it?


Photo via Splash News

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