Alec Baldwin's 'Homophobic' Rant Against a Reporter Was Well-Deserved

Alec Baldwin has gone on another rant against a reporter -- but this time it's pretty justified. The Daily Mail wrote a mean-spirited attack against his pregnant wife, Hilaria, saying that she was tweeting about frivolous things like ideas for wedding anniversary gifts while everyone else was mourning at James Gandolfini's funeral. According to Alec and Hilaria, however, those tweets were hours later. Now whether or not Hilaria should have stayed in mourning all day can be up for debate, but I believe she was not tweeting during the funeral. And Alec was so crazy mad that he launched a vicious personal attack against the reporter, calling him a "queen" and saying he'd stick his boot up the guy's ass but he'd "dig it too much." Alec doesn't get points for maturity, but he does get points for having his wife's back.


After the story, Alec wrote in tweets that he has since deleted (Alec, that trick never works when you're a celebrity):

My wife and I attend a funeral to pay our respects to an old friend, and some toxic Brit writes this f****** trash. ... My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, at our friends funeral ...

He also wrote that he would "f**k" the reporter up and called him a "toxic little queen" and a "little bitch."

Many outlets are going on about Alec's "homophobia" -- and yeah, calling someone a queen and making digs about anal are really not cool. Not mature. Alec did not need to stoop so low. But it is indeed frustrating when people make shit up about you and publish it as fact -- or when they do that to your wife.

However, Hilaria came to her own defense on Twitter -- and she did it much more rationally than Alec. She pointed out that her tweets were later and the time difference between the UK (where the reporter was) and New Jersey (where Hilaria was). The fact is, Hilaria is an adult who doesn't need hot-headed Alec rushing to her defense in the most asinine way. Part of learning to love is allowing your spouse to fight to his or her own battles, while still having your partner's back.

Maybe Alec will learn that one day, but I'm not counting on it. At any rate, I'd hate to be Alec's future kid's teacher. Can you imagine what that poor soul will have to go through?

Do you think Alec could have handled this better?


Image via pvera/Flickr

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