Kim Kardashian Is Now 'Jealous' of Baby North West Because She's Getting All Kanye's Attention

newborn toeOh my GAWWWWWDDDDD! Can't Kim Kardashian enjoy the first weeks at home with her new baby girl before people start calling her a bad mother?!?

Ugh. A new rumor that's floating around about her is making me sick. Wait 'til you hear this one -- apparently Kim is jealous of baby North West because of all the attention Kanye West is giving her. (Seriously?)

You know, because he's being a doting dad and can't get enough of his precious little daughter, which is supposedly making Kim all bent out of shape because she doesn't like sharing him.


Um, is this about the most ridiculous and hateful thing you've ever heard said about Kim or what? She's only been a mom for a week, and already there are some folks assuming she's sitting on the couch crying and whining over Kanye giving their baby too much love and adoration -- which is just nonsense.

Any mom will tell you that there's nothing more heartwarming than seeing their baby's father fuss all over their child, so why on earth would Kanye being a good dad make her jealous, of all things? If anything, seeing how much Kanye loves North will only make Kim more enamored with being a mother -- and with the fact that her baby daddy is someone who is going to put his child first and be right by her side at all times.

Ugh. I know she's probably more emotional than usual right now, but I honestly hope Kim isn't letting nasty rumors like this get to her and steal away any of her new baby joy. 

But sadly, something tells me this is only the beginning of a whole host of jabs about Kim's parenting. If people are already stooping so low as to spread rumors about her being jealous of her own kid, odds are good the insults and cheap shots are only going to escalate from here on out.

Do you believe for one second that Kim is jealous of North?


Image via Family O'Abé/Flickr

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