Angelina Jolie Secretly Told Her Ex About Her Mastectomy -- Which Says a Lot About Brad Pitt

Angelina JolieWhen Angelina Jolie revealed that she got a preventative double mastectomy, the world was shocked. Well, not everyone. Brad Pitt, of course, already knew. Her kids knew. And, surprisingly, one other person I never would have guessed that Angelina would confide in knew about her mastectomy -- Angelina's ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton told Life & Style magazine:

She wanted me to know so I wouldn’t freak out. When you’re great friends with somebody like that ... you don’t want to hear it on the news.

Wow, who knew Angelina and the man whose blood she once wore in a vial around her neck were such good friends?!


Angelina didn't even tell her father, Jon Voight, about her operation -- he's said he learned that from the press. You can't really blame Angelina for keeping dad out of the loop. He has a history of blabbing to the press when he shouldn't have -- like telling the public about her adoption of Maddox before she even did. She probably thought she couldn't trust him with the news.

While I knew that Billy Bob and Angelina were still in touch -- she wrote the forward for his memoir -- who knew they were THAT close?! That she would call him about her mastectomy?!

I think this says a lot about her relationship with Brad. How many couples are secure enough in their love that a partner is allowed to be good friends with an ex -- one in which there are no kids that justify them having speak to each other?

Angelina and Billy Bob had quite a passionate marriage. Who can forget them making out on the red carpet and Billy Bob announcing to the cameras that he and Ange had had sex in the limo on the way over? Who can forget the blood vials and tattoos?

A lot of men might feel threatened by their wives still having a relationship with an ex that inspired so much va va voom. But not Brad. Unless he doesn't know? Well, now he does! Haha. Kidding, y'all. He's Brad Pitt. He knows all.

Are you still good friends with an ex? How does your spouse feel about it?

Image via PRESSEFOTOS/Flickr

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