Kate Middleton's Beauty Secrets Are So Easy a Commoner Could Try Them

kate middletonIf you can't help but stare and wonder what Kate Middleton does to her skin, hair, and brows when you look at her, you're in luck. I've got answers. Allure recently published a handy-dandy "beauty tips we've learned from Kate Middleton" list, and I've undergone the grueling tasks of printing it out and framing it weeding out, what I think, are the most noteworthy tricks. And because I'm nice, I'm sharing with you.

Look out, world, there's about to be a whole lot of duchesses on the loose!


1. Emphasize one feature. The mag astutely noticed that instead of running through a Sephora like a Tasmanian Devil and emerging looking done up from head to toe, Kate chooses one feature to emphasize. She either does a strong eye or, okay, Kate pretty much always does a strong eye. But notice, never a strong eye and lip.

2. Treat yo' skin right. The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't mess around when it comes to her skin. In addition to supposedly getting bee venom facials with Camilla, she "reportedly sticks to a consistent skin-care routine and has been using Karin Herzog products for years." What's Karin Herzog? Well, I just Googled it, and it's an "oxygen skincare from Switzerland" that's actually more affordable than I thought. Now, no need to run out and purchase stock in this brand, but the takeaway here should be: Find what works for your skin and stick to it.

3. Fake 'n' bake. Kate Middleton has long been a reported fan of the spray tan. And who can blame her? She lives in one of the gloomiest cities in the world. Instead of piling on bronzer fo' dayz, try going for a spray tan. Sure, you might smell like a weird combination of car air freshener and Fritos for a bit, but it'll be worth it. And hey, just think, for a few fleeting hours, you'll even smell like a duchess.

What's your beauty routine?

Image via Bramblewood Fashion/Flickr

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