Kim Kardashian & Baby North West Drive Bruce Jenner to Move Out

kim kardashianWhile the world is waiting with bated breath on the stunning debut of Kim Kardashian's baby, North West, Bruce Jenner is hating on little Nori. Just kidding. Sort of. According to reports, Jenner has decided to move out of the Calabasas home he and Kris share since Kim, the baby, and the whole world have decided to move in. Apparently, Bruce is being "shushed" non-stop, and he's not allowed to have his friends over to play with their remote control planes. So he's taking his toys elsewhere.

Poor Bruce. The guy can never catch a break. But, seriously, the man's had, like, 12 kids. Does he not remember how to act around a baby?


Nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby. Duh. Babies are incredibly sweet and fun to play with, but when they're sleeping, leave 'em. They need the rest, and so does everyone else. So, yeah, it's a fairly common practice to tip toe around and talk in hushed voices when around them. Yes, I know, there are many out there who believe in making lots of noise around babies, so they get used to it, but Kim klearly isn't one of them. So respect.

No, in all seriousness, I feel for Bruce. It's his home, and it seems like the man is constantly relegated to small closets and crawl spaces for simply existing. Kris Jenner looks at him cross-eyed when he breathes wrong. But when babies are in the picture, everything changes. Yeah, it's gotta be annoying to have to watch TV with the volume off and talk without using your voice, but it's only temporarily, Bruce. No need to move out. Kim and company will get the hang of things sooner or later, and then you can go back to watching your shows on the "1" volume. Keep your eye on the prize, buddy. This'll all be worth it.

Were you always quiet around your baby?


Image via jla0379/Flickr

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