Kris Jenner Offers Fans a Chance to 'Become a Kardashian' & Wait 'Til You Hear What It Entails (VIDEO)

An average day in the life of a Kardashian -- is there such a thing? Well Kris Jenner is giving one lucky fan the chance to find out. As a way to hype up her new talk show debuting July 15, Kris, the momager is offering up the chance to "be a Kardashian for a day."

But hold your horses, it's not all about walking around in Louboutins and riding around in an expensive Mercedes. Check out what Kris' "Be a Kardashian for a Day" contest is all about on today's Daily Stir:


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Kris Jenner Gives Fans the Chance to 'Be a Kardashian for a Day' -- Here's How (VIDEO)

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