Jennifer Aniston May Be Ruining Her Relationship With Justin Theroux

jennifer anistonIn recent months, there have been too many covers to count on why Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have put their wedding on hold. Some suggest it's because she didn't want her big day to coincide with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's. Others blame it on their busy works schedules. Turns out, both theories are probably wrong. According to Radar Online, Jennifer may be the one sabotaging her own relationship. Here's how.


Jennifer may be too stubborn for this romance to have the happy ending she's dreamed of.  Sources have told the website that wedding plans are off because Jennifer refuses to compromise on where the couple will live.

They are currently renovating an amazing $21 million Bel Air mansion she purchased last year but Justin doesn't want to call California his permanent, year-round home. Apparently, the gritty, artsy actor can't stand it there. Sources say that he proposed they divide their time between the two coasts. He wants to spend half the year in New York and the other in L.A. but Jen's not having it. This could be the issue that forces the pair to split. I suppose they could just live apart when Justin wants to head to the Big Apple.

Sounds like a simple fix, but when you think about it, it is a big deal. It's tough to make a long distance relationship work, even if you have a private jet at your disposal. At first it could be fun -- as you anxiously await the next time you see the love of your life. But after awhile, that novelty can wear thin. That's a struggle many Hollywood couples face. Often the fact that a couple is not there for each other is among the "irreconcilable differences" that lead to divorce.

If Jen's not careful, she will be single once again. If she wants this to work, she has to be willing to compromise -- even if that means being bi-coastal.

Do you think Jen is being too stubborn?

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