Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Thinks Gays Are Sinners, But Living With a Married Woman Is Totally Cool

jenelle evansWhile most of America was busy celebrating the Supreme Court's decision to repeal the part of DOMA that prevented gays and lesbians from having the same rights as their straight brothers and sisters, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend was busy posting an anti-gay rant on Facebook. Accused of being gay himself, Jenelle's underwear-modeling man Nathan Griffith went to extremes to "prove" his heterosexuality, noting that "um, sodomy is against my religion."


An excerpt from his Facebook post reads:

My mom was and is a minister. My family is religious and I’m not trying to be a hater but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Um sodomy is against my religion sorry to disappoint you.

Nathan also wrote a timeline of where he was during his early 20s in an attempt to prove that he didn't do gay porn, of which he's been accused. He mentions his time spent in the Marines and the years in which he lived with his ex-wife.

While it is disappointing to hear that Nathan views homosexuality as a sin, it's even more disappointing that he's a giant, heaping pile of contradictions.

It's not certain which religion Nathan practices, but it stands to reason that if his god is anti-gay, his god is probably anti-divorce, too. And that god probably also isn't a fan of a man living with a woman before marriage, let alone living with a woman who's already married to another man.

Nathan wrapped up his post with a reminder that he was a U.S. Marine. He fought to protect our rights, he points out, and doesn't like being "slandered" and "ridaculed" [sic] by those of us he ostensibly served to safeguard.

Note to Nathan -- this nation and its people you fought hard to protect have now legalized same-sex marriage ... sorry to disappoint you, my friend.

What do you think about Nathan's comments?


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