Ian Somerhalder Has Second Near-Death Experience During ‘Vampire Diaries’ Stunt Gone Wrong

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder might be a real-life vampire because this kid just cannot be killed. Last week we discovered that the actor was supposed to be on ill-fated TWA Flight 800 that crashed off the coast of Long Island, killing everyone on board, and now his Vampire Diaries co-star Nathaniel Buzolic has revealed that an accident on set nearly cost Ian his life.

Spoiler alert: Ian was not, in fact, killed.


Here's what Nathaniel, AKA Kol Mikaelson on Vampire Diaries, told Quem Magazine:

We were in a fight scene and something didn't work. For a few minutes I thought my career will end here and I'll be chased by fans of the show for life!

You got one thing right, Nate -- fans would have certainly hunted you down and made you pay had anything happened to their precious Ian. For now, though, it sounds like that bridge does not need to be crossed.

What does need to be addressed, however, is what exactly happened. Nathaniel says he was worried for a few minutes -- was Ian knocked out? Did he bang his head? Was he impaled? Did he over-indulge on fake blood smoothies? -- fans are owed a little more explanation here. If Ian's life was hanging in the balance, more details definitely need to be shared.

Because when you drop a bomb like this, there needs to be a little more info. Otherwise, it just seems like a sleazy ploy to dangle a death-defying Ian in front of our faces to see if we bite.

Which, you know, chomp, chomp, bitches.

Are you worried about Ian?


Photo via vagueonthehow/Flickr

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