Miley Cyrus Finally Admits to Smoking Pot But Everyone Loves Her Anyway (VIDEO)

Miley CyrusThe wispy, skunky rumors have long been swirling around Miley Cyrus's gleaming platinum 'do, but she's finally admitted it. You guys, she came right out and said it on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week: she smokes pot. Or more specifically, she's okay with Snoop Dogg/Lion being high as a kite all the time, because she is too.

Holy crap, what a bombshell! After all that freaking out the media did when she was caught smoking salvia, I bet every tabloid in the world is trumpeting the unbelievable news that Miley Cyrus may not sniff the coke but she sure as hell smokes the sinsemilla. Let me check ... okay, Paula Deen, Paula Deen, two-headed turtle named Thelma and Louise hatched at Texas zoo ... wait a second, not ONE dramatic headline about Miley's confirmed stoner status?

Ladies and gentlemen, Miley Cyrus's transformation from young Disney idol into edgy adult star is officially a success.


It's theoretically, microscopically possible this topic is marginally less interesting to you than it is to me, but I've been covering entertainment content for a few years now and, well, I'mma let you finish, Justin Bieber, but Miley Cyrus definitely had one of the best teen transitions of all time.

Not "best" in terms of "made decisions that were universally beloved by all and stirred up almost no controversy," mind you. But looking back, you have to admit she totally pulled it off. She started crossing over to a more adult image in 2008 or so, which was when people began flipping out over her provocative outfits, and by the infamous salvia incident in 2010, she was commanding the news on a regular basis with headlines like, "WILD CHILD MILEY!!!" and "BILLY RAY ON MILEY: 'THERE IS SO MUCH BEYOND MY CONTROL!'"

For a while there everyone was shocked at the notion of a once-innocent Disney star slutting around onstage smoking whatever weird herb she could get her hands on while her dad softly wept into his guitar, and I'm pretty sure the world expected her to crash and burn in a huge way.

But she totally didn't. Unlike plenty of other young stars growing up in the public eye, Miley Cyrus really didn't get in any trouble to speak of. She increased her sexualization, she completely revamped her image, and yet she's never turned into the trainwreck people predicted.

Now she's got her racy new single "We Can't Stop" shooting to the number 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. She's maybe still engaged or maybe that was all a publicity move to ease our acceptance of her as an adult or whatever's going on there. She's straight-up asked about her BFF Snoop Mammal being too high to “even know what he is saying,” and she responds with:

 Me too. We both are. So, yeah, that’s why we get along so well, I guess.

Two years ago this would have flatlined every celebrity website in the world and outraged parents of her fans. Today? "Meh."

Well played, Miley Cyrus. Well played.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus's public image over the last few years? Would you call it a commercial success?

Image via Miley Cyrus

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