Courteney Cox Dating 'Cougar Town' Costar -- Eek, Another Actor?!

courteney cox brian van holtIf my memory serves me correct, it wasn't too long ago that Courteney Cox and David Arquette's divorce became finalized. And it wasn't too long before that, after praising her ex-husband, Cox said said that she "just wasn't ready to date." Well, looks like Courteney's now ready. The gorgeous Cougar Town star is officially dating ... her Cougar Town costar. Yep, Courteney Cox is dating Brian Van Holt, the dude who plays her ex-husband in the series. Adorbs!


According to a source, Courteney and Brian started dating about six months ago, but being that her divorce is official and Arquette has moved on with Entertainment Tonight host, Christina McLarty, she feels comfortable going public with Van Holt. (So, guess what Courteney should have said was "I'm just not comfortable saying I'm dating.") B and C were recently seen acting all boyfriend/girlfriend-y at a dinner in West Hollywood recently; and more importantly, Van Holt is close with Cox's daughter, Coco. "[Coco] treated him like a dad or an uncle," an onlooker at a taping of the show said. Also, prolly worth noting that Cox and Van Holt were rumored to have gotten together waaaay back when, when she and Arquette first split up.

I'm glad to see that both Courteney and David are dating other people and seem to be in happy relationships -- their divorce does go down in history as one of the most civilized celeb splits. Just because things didn't work out with each other, no reason shouldn't they find love elsewhere. And if their relationships don't work out, respectively, this time 'round, may I suggest they each get involved with people with non-entertainment jobs? I hear teachers and scientists are really great listeners. Just a suggestion. Actors can be awfully fickle!

What do you think of Courteney and Brian being lovahs?


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