Farrah Abraham Thinks She Can Do Everything Better Than Kim Kardashian

farrah abrahamOh, to be the airy thought bubbles that pop into Farrah Abraham's brain. The Teen Mom turned porn star recently spoke out about Kim Kardashian's baby name, North West, and inadvertantly exposed just how difficult it is for Farrah to think about something critically, using context clues. She told Hollywood Life that she feels like the name North doesn't really match.

I'm sorry, whatnow?


She said:

[Kim Kardashian] named her child North? Maybe she likes that. North? I mean, I could see someone naming their child North. It’s really her own preference. I don’t feel like it matches.

While most would argue that North matches all too well with West, Farrah thinks differently. Farrah doesn't feel like it goes. Farrah might not know the cardinal directions.

She also thinks she's better at naming babies than Kim, obviously. 

If giving Farrah the benefit of the doubt is your game, maybe you'd like to assume that Ms. Abraham doesn't think it "matches" because North doesn't start with a "K." If that's your stance, you're super generous and forgiving. Your mom must have been really awesome.

As far as everything else goes, beyond the mis-matched name, Farrah advises Kim to get some rest and focus on her newborn. She thinks Kim will be a great mom ... even if she named her baby something totally, totally, unmatchy matchy.

What do you think?


Photo via FarrahAbrahamOfficial/Instagram


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