Robert Pattinson Hangs Out at Bar That Was Favorite of His & Kristen’s but It Doesn’t Mean What We Think

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson might as well just lift his leg on the Chateau Marmont because the newly-single actor is all about marking that L.A. hot spot as his territory. He and Kristen Stewart used to hit up the hotel bar there all the time together, but now that they're no longer a couple, it looks as if RPattz is trying to claim the locale as his own. He was just spotted partying it up at the Chateau last week, sans KStew.

Boy is on a mission, my friends.


Everyone knows that after a breakup, stuff has to be divided. From your mixed CD collection (people still have those, right?) to your pots and pans to your pets, everything has to be split down the middle. And that goes for hangout spots, too.

Since Robert and Kristen used to go to the same bars, they have to decide on who gets what spot in the split. Otherwise, helloooo awkward run-ins.

It makes sense that Rob is digging his claws into the Chateau Marmont. Not only is it THE place for celebs to hang out with one another and talk about how rich and famous they are, but it's also a great place to pick up da ladies.

Plus, Katy Perry is a big fan of the joint. She goes there, like, all the time.

It's no wonder RPattz wants to ensure the Chateau is allllll his.

Sorry, Kristen! You can have the In 'n Out on Sunset, though.

How did you split places with your ex?


Photo via accidental paparazzi/Flickr

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