The Smart Changes Kate Middleton's Made for a Fit Pregnancy

kate middletonWith her due date swiftly approaching, the days of the Duchess of Cambridge's very high-profile, very royal pregnancy are dwindling. Yes, we'll have a mini monarch among us, but all that baby bump fashion will be a distant memory. Sniff. Still, with the pregnancy in the past, we'll be able to look back on it and learn from her ... smart moves. (Because, let's be honest, how many mistakes does Kate Middleton make?!)

For example, sources are gabbing about how Kate's been extremely committed to staying healthy throughout her pregnancy by making several changes over the course of nine months. The coolest part, though, is that she really hasn't had to overhaul her lifestyle that much.


A palace aide dishes that Kate used to run and lift weights, but while pregnant, she's swapped those activities for morning walks with dog Lupo and prenatal yoga. She's "had a yoga instructor visit her at Kensington Palace once a week." Nice! I know plenty of women who have continued to run through their pregnancies, but I'm all for the idea of slowing things down, too, if you think that's what you're most comfortable with. All that really seems to matter is keeping up with some kind of fitness regimen that you enjoy, which it sounds like Kate did.

Her diet has been protein-rich -- faves include codfish, chicken, or turkey -- and one of her most common snacks has been dried fruit and nuts. Not exactly a big change, as she's "never been an unhealthy eater," according to one of Kate's friends.

Still, the Duchess has her vices ... like COFFEE! And spray tanning! Ha. She used to get her sprayed glow on regularly, but she's cut that out since her first trimester. However, a palace insider says, "She did not like the idea of not drinking coffee." (I do not blame her!) Her solution: Trading her daily coffee fix for Starbucks decaf and tea (an English staple, of course). Love it.

All these points sound incredibly reasonable and pragmatic. It just sounds like she's taken certain lifestyle habits down a notch or so to be extra careful during the pregnancy. No dramatic overhauls required! Goes to show that as long as you have an already healthy lifestyle, you don't have to walk on eggshells or upend your entire routine to have a fit pregnancy.

What do you think about Kate's healthy pregnancy habits? What did you/will you change about diet, exercise, etc., while pregnant?

Image via Carfax2/Wikimedia

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