'Mad Men' Season 7 Teasers: What We Already Know About Don & Co. in 1969

don sally bobby gene draper season 6 episode 13Now that Mad Men season 6 is behind us, creator Matthew Weiner is speaking out and clarifying some of our guesses, conspiracy theories, and even what may be in store for us in season 7! Sure, he argues that he has yet to put pen to paper for the next installment of the show, but it also sounds like he's planted some seeds that are sure to grow into full-fledged plotlines in 1969.

From Peggy's growing success to Don's failing career and marriage, here, five season 6 cliffhangers and their possible outcomes ...

  1. Will Don ever return to SC&P? Weiner tells HuffPo he saw Don's dismissal as a punishment for how he "fired their biggest client [at that time, Jaguar], he forced them into a merger. He ruined their public offering and then, he went to war against their partner -- the Hershey meeting being a very minor infraction in all of this." Yeah. Ouch. That said, he offers, "I would say that it is exactly what it looks like. He has no return date; it’s completely humiliating. So yeah, it’s pretty bad. I mean, Freddy came back and worse people come back from this thing; I'm not going to say that Don's not going to be back in the agency. But people should feel exactly what it is -- the partners have put their foot down and they don't want him in the office for a while." Hmm. "A while," eh? My guess is that he's not done with advertising, or perhaps even SC&P, forever. But it's definitely going to change in a big way.
  2. Will Don & Megan's marriage make it? Weiner says, "I think [Don] really loves [Megan], and I think we've seen, since his experience with Betty, and certainly Sylvia, that he knows how important she is. And good for her for [ending her role as], in modern language, an enabler or a doormat or whatever. I think she had had it." Sounds like just as Weiner is setting up Don's professional revolution, his marriage does have a shot at surviving -- as long as it (and he!) evolves, too.
  3. Is Peggy destined to nab the corner office? Last we saw her, Peggy sat in Don's office, wore (the?) pants, and swiveled his chair toward his sweet floor-to-ceiling window. What a change of pace from the cramped little closet she had been working in, eh? And obviously, that visual was totally intentional. Though he says he doesn't know if this means Peggy is the head of creative now, Weiner did admit, "It was a deliberate choice to put her in that pantsuit and it was a deliberate choice to put her in Don's office." Uh huh ... We can read between the lines, Matt!
  4. Will Peggy & Stan end up together? Fans want to see it happen -- I'm on board with the idea! -- but it sounds like they may be destined to remain platonic or, at the most, FWBs. "Jay's an amazing actor and the writers love their relationship also. We love their friendship," Weiner says. Note the key word: Friendship. He also seems hell-bent on an antiquated, sexist idea that successful women must sacrifice their love lives for their stellar careers, as he goes on to note: "I think her not having a man is, at least on this show -- it's a blind spot for her and it's also a product of her ambition. There is a price to pay at that time, for this woman, in working that hard. I mean, you look at Joan. Joan doesn't have a man either." Drrr.
  5. Since nailing the Avon account, is Joan a "big wheel" now at SC&P? Not necessarily. "I don't know. It's one account, you know, and I like the way she got it," Weiner shares. Hmm. Again with the not wanting to veer too much into feminist territory! Annoying. Let's hope that changes somewhat -- or at least starts to next season ...

What do you think about the answers to these cliffhangers?


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