Kim Kardashian Releases 'Baby' Photos Because She Had No Choice

baby feetI don't care if you're one of her fans or not. Hearing that Kim Kardashian released fake baby photos of North West in an effort to weed out her true friends from the ones who want to make a cheap buck off her famous offspring is just plain sad.

Yes -- I said fake baby photos. Supposedly Kim was worried about some of her "friends" selling her out -- so she sent a few of them photos of a random baby, letting them believe it was her and Kanye West's little girl.

And lo and behold, a couple of these so-called pals contacted TMZ to try and pimp out the pics. (Jerks.)


Can you honestly believe Kim is dealing with this crap? Here she is, a new mom who is over-the-moon about the birth of her baby girl, and she can't fully enjoy this time for fear that someone will invade her privacy by hawking pictures of her child.

I'm sorry, but that just isn't right. Good grief. Isn't anyone trustworthy anymore? I mean, I know Kim is a celeb mom and all -- but stooping so low as to try and profit off her during the most wonderful time of her life? What the heck is wrong with people?

But you gotta admit -- Kim's little plan worked like a charm, which shows what a genius move it was on her part. I guess she's a firm believer in the whole, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" deal. It's obvious that her mother's intuition kicked in and she suspected some of her friends might betray her.

Hopefully now she knows who she can trust versus who she needs to remove from her inner circle for good -- and hopefully that means she and Kanye will release a real photo of baby North West in the near future. Oh come on, we're all dying to see the littlest Kardashian -- but only when Kimye is ready to share her, of course.

Do you think Kim made a good move in putting out fake baby photos?


Image via matrianklw/Flickr

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