Kanye West's Love for Kim Kardashian Has Blinded Him to Her Crazy Style

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestI'm happy for Kim Kardashian. There, I said it. The woman went through a hellish divorce that dragged on for what felt like forever and had a horribly painful stomach infection during her pregnancy, which we all saw unfold on TV. Now it seems that everything is finally going her way. First with the birth of her baby girl North, and now with the engagement to beau Kanye West over the weekend. Say what you want about her career or how she got famous, the woman has earned herself her moment of sunshiny happiness.

And so has her fiance, for that matter. It's easy to talk shit about him, too, considering he's so, well, Kanye. But then the new dad has to go and be all cute and stuff in a recent interview for W magazine, saying Kim's his true love no matter what she wears.

Even this monstrosity? But really.


Essentially Kanye says that "no one can tell [his] girl what to do" and that her willingness to try trends on because he likes them shows just how much she's in love with him. Which is true, we all saw what happened when Kanye went through Kim's closet not all that long ago. Kim changed up her style based off of Kanye's suggestions.

But here's the thing: Even Kanye knows when something is a major flop. There's no way in hell he thought that Met Gala floral frock with matching gloves was sexy. I don't believe it. So here is why I do love him ... because he loves her anyway. He loves her for looking bad in the things he picks out. Now that's the telling of a good relationship.

Whether it's with makeup or without, in heels or in flats, a man who really cares about you won't care what you're wearing or how you look. He'll respect you whether you're dressed up or dressed down, and will think you're beautiful no matter what. It's always crazy to me the times that a man I'm dating thinks I'm beautiful. You know, those times you don't feel beautiful. Waking up in the morning. After a run. At the end of a night when your hair is a mess and your skirt is lopsided. But that's when you can tell that they care about you for you. That's when you know they're worth keeping around.

Yeah, Kanye may be a little dark and twisted sometimes. But for Kim, I think he's just fine.

Do you think Kanye's being cute? Have you ever had a loving relationship like this?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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