Angelina Jolie May Be Banning Brad Pitt's Buddies From Their Wedding

brangelinaBrangelina may be busily wedding planning, but the couple isn't on the same page at all with every detail -- particularly the guest list, according to the gossipmongers over at the UK tabloid The Sun. A source claims Angelina "wants the whole affair to be very civilized," so she's vetoing invites to a short list of Brad's most "raucous" friends, which reportedly includes Jonah Hill, Quentin Tarantino, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Angie's allegedly concerned that "if Jonah and Quentin come, they’ll hit the bar early on and cause a commotion." As if that wasn't enough, the source says George Clooney is getting a WARNING attached to his invite that he needs to keep things under control! Oh jeeeze. If this is true, is it absolutely necessary? Sounds more like a recipe for an ugly, unnecessary pre-wedding fight with Brad than anything else.


Okay, sure, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know about Angelina's personal health challenges, so maybe that's one of the reasons she wants to "just say no" to inviting notorious boozers. After all, if they were to go overboard and cause a scene -- especially with the kids in attendance -- it would be super-stressful. And the last thing the woman needs right now is MORE stress, right?

Then again, it's just one day (and/or evening). What's the point of having a wedding and inviting anyone if you're not going to invite your closest friends and let them enjoy themselves without warnings, rules, the threat of an admonishment or stink eye if they dare step out of line? Do you really want your guests to be walking on eggshells when you walk down the aisle?

What's more, I hate to burst any bride's bubble, but chances are that someone's going to lose their cool, act out, say something obnoxious, overstep their bounds, etc. on the Big Day. That's just the unfortunate reality of any big event like a wedding. It tends to bring out the most emotional, irrational, and, on occasion, ugliest sides of loved ones -- even when alcohol isn't involved!

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Ultimately, the solution isn't banning potential troublemakers who happen to also be VIPs. (Unless you know for sure that they're so toxic 24/7/365 that you wouldn't want them anywhere within a one-mile radius of you on your wedding day ...) It's managing your reaction and perhaps enlisting a planner or a bridesmaid/groomsman who doesn't mind playing bulldog, etc., to handle any situation that gets out of hand and keep it as FAR away from you as possible.

Here's hoping that's what Angelina decides to do. Because a.) she can and b.) it's totally not worth butting heads with her soon-to-be husband.

How did you handle/are you handling wedding guests you're worried may be troublemakers?


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