Lisa Robin Kelly Busted for DUI: Fourth Arrest's a Charm, Right? (PHOTO)

Lisa Robin Kelly
Lisa's 2012 mug shot
It's safe to say that this wasn't the best weekend for That '70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly. Kelly was arrested late Saturday night on suspicion of DUI after officers noticed signs of possible intoxication when they helped move Kelly's stalled car off of the interstate in Burbank, California. Supposedly Kelly was asked to perform a sobriety test when they thought she may be intoxicated, and she totally bombed it.

Kelly, who played Topher Grace's hot sister on the hit show, was released from jail on $5,000 bail just hours after she arrived. The worst part? She's had a slew of run-ins with the law before this including another DUI.

Jeez Louise, when is this woman gonna learn?


Kelly was first arrested back in 2010 in North Carolina for a DUI and sentenced to 12 months unsupervised probation. In March 2012, the actress was arrested on a felony charge of corporal injury upon a spouse and was released on $50,000 bail. Third time's a charm, right? In November 2012, Kelly and her husband Robert Joseph Gilliam were both arrested and charged with assault, then released on bond.

Sigh. It's easy to poke fun at Kelly for her slew of poor decisions, but I think at this point what the actress needs is some serious help. It's clear with her history that Kelly's dealing with a lot of demons, and arguably has addictions that go further than just alcohol. Thankfully no one was hurt by her destructive decisions this time around. My suggestion? Get Lisa into some sort of supervised rehabilitation program, ASAP.

Are you surprised to hear about Lisa Robin Kelly's arrest?


Image via Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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