Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Name Meaning Revealed -- Now It (Sort Of) Makes Sense!


Whether you love it or hate it, it's pretty safe to say that all of us are curious as to why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby North West.

Even though it's not exactly out of the ordinary for celebrities to give their kids a name most of us would never dream of, they've received more hype and backlash for choosing such a unique moniker for their daughter than they probably deserve, given what a special and joyous time this is in their lives. (Yes, I'm defending them. Deal with it.)

When we first heard the name, most of us assumed they chose North because it's a direction, hence the whole North West thing. But it turns out the name has a much deeper meaning, and now it's totally understandable why Kim and Kanye chose it for their baby girl.


According to TMZ, they believe the word is a metaphor for "up," and since the baby is the highest point in their relationship -- there's nothing better than her. She's their "North Star."

Aww! Doesn't that make you love the name a little more now that you know its true meaning? It's so sweet, and I'm absolutely loving the idea of Kimye thinking their little girl is the best thing in their life -- that nothing can ever top her.

And even though North wouldn't have been my first choice for a baby girl, Kim and Kanye obviously put a lot of thought into picking out the perfect name for their child -- so maybe people will finally stop giving them grief over it and just wish them well and send their congratulations instead. (You know, what normal people with half a heart do when a baby is born.)

Now that you know the meaning of North West, do you like the name?


Image via Steve Snodgrass/Flickr

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