Jenelle Evans’ Sexy Photos With New Boyfriend Will Cause Drama in Season 5

jenelle evansWhen it comes to selfies, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans certainly knows how to create a stir. In her most recent uploads, she and new boyfriend Nathan Griffin are seen getting up-close and personal in some very romantic shots. Sure, it's only been a few weeks since they've been dating, but the two have already bought a house -- posting sexy selfies together was only a matter of when, not if, right?


Jenelle shared one of Nathan and her in front of her infamous bathroom mirror. (Jenelle loves her some bathroom mirror shots. It's how she's showed off her pregnancy bump, her love for Kieffer Delp, her stomach tattoo, and her boob job.) The two look pretty cute together, I guess. Big smiles all around.

But in the event that you didn't get the hint that they're, you know, a couple, Jenelle posted to Facebook a photo of her straddling Nathan in bed. Both clothed, the pic isn't too racy, but it is suggestive.

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Hey. Think they have cameras mounted above the bed, or was there an unlucky third party who was tasked with taking the shot?

Regardless, Jenelle's creating quite the story-line for herself in season 5. A new boyfriend, a new house, new sexy shots ... hmm. How is husband Courtland Rogers going to react? This is a country song just waiting to be written.

Thankfully for Jenelle, though, it doesn't seem like Courtland's getting out of prison anytime soon. The kid was just arrested for another crime, while already behind bars for another.

Jenelle and Nathan are safe ... for now.

What do you think of Jenelle's new relationship?


Photo via pbandjenelley1/Twitter

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