Kate Middleton’s Luxury Birth Suite Won't Spare Her the Pain of Childbirth

Unless you're some kind of hardcore birthing fanatic, let's face it, giving birth isn't exactly a day at the beach. It's difficult, painful, scary, and complications can arise. That's why wine and Internet access can be so integral to a positive birthing experience! There is just really nothing like a few sips of expensive vino while checking your friends' Facebook feed to pass the time between contractions. And it looks like Kate Middleton might be doing all of this, because the Duchess reportedly booked a $8,600 maternity wing at St. Mary's Hospital, where word has it she's going to push out the third in line to the throne.


Kate's deluxe maternity suite reportedly includes:

- A wine bar

- High tea

- A TV and Internet access

- A safe and a fridge

- Morning newspaper deliver (guess what will be on the cover!)

- Private meals prepared by a hotel kitchen (not the hospital, dontcha worry)

The brochure for the luxury suite reads:

We offer a comprehensive wine list should you wish to enjoy a glass of Champagne and toast your baby's arrival.

Of course, none of this is remotely necessary for a birth. Says an OB/GYN at a major hospital:

Is it really necessary? No. I believe what's important is to have a safe environment for the patient and for the infant.

I'm even wondering how much of a better experience these amenities will make giving birth. Is a new mom really going to start boozing it up right after the birth if breastfeeding is going to happen any moment? Most doctors will say it's not a great idea -- though a sip or two wouldn't be so bad.

Is the Duchess really going to surf the web or catch up on old episodes of Blackadder between contractions? My guess is it's going to be difficult to enjoy any of the luxuries this room has to offer unless the baby is a breeze. I don't think all of the caviar and champagne in the world is going to make pushing football-sized human being out of your loins an enjoyable experience.

Kate might get the type of room and the type of luxuries most of us don't have if we birth in a hospital -- but other than that, she's going to have to deal with everything every other mother has to deal with. However, the wine will probably come in handy for Prince William.

Did you have anything at your birth that made it more luxurious?


Image via gjhill/Flickr

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