Kim Kardashian's Breastfeeding Obsession Couldn't Be More of a Surprise

kim kardashianSadly, still no photos of baby North West have made their way to the Internet, but at least we have this: TMZ has it on good authority that Kim Kardashian is "obsessed" with breastfeeding. Kim apparently looks forward to feedings and she's even changing dirty diapers. "Kim does it all," a source claims.

Good for Kim! The early throes of parenthood are no easy feat, so it's nice to see she's enjoying things. But let's be honest, guys: This is fairly shocking.


One of the most jarring things about becoming a parent for the first time is the fact that you can no longer come and go as you please. It isn't all about you and your silly little schedule. It's about the baby. Alllll about the baby. You are, especially if you're nursing, literally attached to the little bundle of joy you decided to bring into this world. As I said, it's a shock to anyone -- but for Kim, it had to have been a complete 180.

For the past few years, Kim's life has mainly consisted of working out, getting her hair and makeup done, tweeting, making appearances, and filming her "reality" show. Although she seems like a perfectly nice person, there hasn't been a heck of a lot of "giving" in her life, as there is in other people's. Most people, even when they don't have kids, devote X amount of time -- willingly or not -- to things outside themselves. Be it because they have family obligations, or they simply have a job they need to show up for every day, it isn't all them all the time. Becoming a parent is still a shock for these people, but at least they have some shred of an idea of what it's like to do things for others on a regular basis. Kim, on the other hand, is used to having others do things for her. So yeah, it's fairly surprising that she's reportedly taken to the mom thing with such ease. (It's also fairly surprising since she previously tweeted about how she thought it was gross when she saw a mom was breastfeeding in public.)

Basically, this is just a long-winded way of saying: Congrats, Kim. Glad to see you've proven many people wrong and have become a wonderful, nurturing mama to your little girl.

Now. Where's that photo of the baby?

Are you surprised Kim's obsessed with breastfeeding?


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