Kanye West's 'Push Present' for Kim Kardashian Is Pretty Spectacular Even If It Isn't an Engagement Ring

tiger-stripe diamon ringThis one's a lot cheaper than Kim'sKanye West and Kim Kardashian have had quite the week. They had a baby girl 5 weeks earlier than they expected, they named said baby girl North West, and they learned what it's like to have people make fun of your baby's name. Welcome to the adventurous world of parenting, you guys! You're going to love it.

Now rumors are swirling that Kanye proposed to Kim. (People magazine is pooh-poohing those Kardashian wedding rumors, but there's been no confirmation either way from the Kimye camp.)

Most outlets are reporting, however, that Kanye is over the moon about his new daughter, who has turned him into an old softie already -- and that, we can totally believe. A baby -- your baby -- is a wonderful life-changing event.

There is also information out there that Kanye gave Kim a pretty amazing "push present" -- a gift for giving birth to his kid.


Supposedly Kanye gave Kim a $770,000 rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring that he had designed for her months ago in preparation for the big baby event. (And even if the proposal rumors were true, this was evidently NOT an engagement ring -- that will be coming later!)

Many moms are at odds when it comes to push presents. Some feel that the baby is a "present" enough and they don't need to be given something for delivering their little miracle into the world. Others think, "Hell ya, I just carried another person around for 9 months and went through some serious labor and delivery to bring that little being into the world. Mama deserves herself a $770,000 diamond!"

Kim seems like the type who would appreciate a glitzy gift -- hope she liked it!

Which camp are you in -- do you expect your husband to give you a push present or do you think your baby is enough of a gift?

Image via ShopHQ (ring is $2,220)

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