Johnny Depp Has Big Surprise for Fans at 'Lone Ranger' Premiere

lone ranger movie posterJohnny Depp is one of the coolest guys in Hollywood. He just seems so sweet and down-to-earth. Still, every time he does something awesome (like dressing as pirate Jack Sparrow and showing up at a little girl's school), it comes as a bit of a surprise. And Depp had a big surprise for moviegoers this weekend.

During an advance screening of The Lone Ranger for members of the Comanche Nation in Lawton, Oklahoma, on Friday, Depp, who plays Tonto, shocked the audience by showing up in person.


The audience was gathered in the parking lot of the theater when Depp strolled down the red carpet. He was accompanied by LaDonna Harris, his "adopted Comanche mother" and a member of the Comanche tribe and president of Americans For Indian Opportunity group. Depp wanted to make his role as Tonto as authentic as possible so got guidance from the Comanche people as part of his preparation. Last year, Depp was made an honorary member of the Comanche tribe.

Depp signed hundreds of autographs and spent time talking with his many fans.

Depp said:

I'm proud to show [the movie] to the Comanche Nation and members of the Indian Nations first.

Then he added:

I'm so proud to be here and so proud to be a part of this. If I can help in any way to pass the message along to the children, to understand that where they come from, they are warriors and nothing less.The official premiere of the Lone Ranger was last night in California.

So sweet.

What do you do if Johnny Depp showed up at a movie you were at?

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