Jodi Arias Lifetime Movie Sheds New Light on Sickest Details of the Case (VIDEO)

Jodi AriasWhen Jodi Arias was found guilty last month of the murder of Travis Alexander, those who had been paying close attention were not all that shocked. Still, there may have been those who felt that Alexander somehow brought his death upon himself or led her on to the point of insanity. But the new Lifetime movie that just premiered June 22 will put all those rumors to rest.

If Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret starring Tania Raymonde is to be believed, Jodi Arias was a stalker, obsessed with Travis to the point of stupidity (she left a photograph of herself committing the murder as it happened). She broke into his email, photographed him out with his friends, hooked up with other men and sent photos of it, and followed him into the rest room to meet him.

The film plays fast and loose with some of the facts, according to Today. Still, there is no doubt after viewing the film: Travis Alexander was the victim in every sense of the word.

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Arias worked hard (as did her legal team) to make Alexander look like a sexual deviant. She tried to make people feel sorry for her and honestly? It worked.

This film is hard to watch for many, many reasons, but it does make Alexander look much more innocent than the trial ever did. Was he a player? Sort of. Not even. The film has Arias manipulating and twisting every turn so that Alexander had almost no choice but to succumb to her charms.

TV movies are notorious for this kind of thing and it's entirely possible the real truth is somewhere in the middle, but as someone who watched the trial intently, seeing it played out this way did make me look at Arias differently.

She is not the innocent waif she played in the courtroom. Not even close. Some might say it was too soon for a TV movie -- and the murder scene was graphic and horrifying -- but it also shed some light on the case and made Alexander a real person, more than just a name and stories.

Arias was convicted of the murder so there were no legal concerns with showing the murder. That leaves only the moral ones. I feel for Alexander's family having to relive this tragedy this way and I can only hope they either did not watch the film or forwarded through the horrific scenes.

Still, the film did not make Arias a victim. It did not make her sympathetic at all. And on some level, that might give his family some comfort. Maybe.

The case truly is such a tragedy.

Did you see the movie? Did it seem like it captured the truth?



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