Kim Kardashian's Baby Name is 'Unforgettable' Say Other North Wests

Ever since word broke that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their baby daughter North -- which would make her name North West -- people have been like, Whaaa? Indeed to saddle a child with such a gimmicky moniker that will inspire jokes ("Does this make Kim's vag the Northwest Passage?") seems kind of cruel to many. But let's listen to what the real experts have to say: People who are named North West. Yep, they're already out there. And various people named North West say they like it just fine.


"I wouldn’t change it," North E. West, a Pennsylvania man, told the New York Daily News. "With me, it worked in the dating scene. It was just interesting and unique and set me apart ... It's a pretty unforgettable name, and I know my past girlfriends are hearing it everywhere right now. It’s like a little dig."

North E. West's mom, Ferne West, said her husband came up with the name and they both liked it. "It's free-spirited," she said.

A grandmother living in North Carolina also has the moniker -- and has managed to live with it for 95 years! She also told the Daily News: "I reckon I like my name all right. I always thought it was a little odd, but it never gave me any problems." This particular North West had never heard of the Kardashians -- lucky soul.

Another North, this one named North Leppert, told the News: "My name has opened many, many doors for me. It’s an ice breaker and sounds very forward and adventurous. Nobody forgets it."

While the name is unusual, it's apparently not that unusual. Plug it into the online white pages, and dozens of North Wests from all over the the country pop up -- far more than my own name.

At any rate, it's good to hear that North West may grow up really enjoying her name! (Despite the jokes.)

Do you think she will like her name?

Image via Cliff1066/Flickr

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