'True Blood' Episode 2 Preview: Will Sookie's New Hottie Live Up to The Hype? (VIDEO)

bill lilithSo. Let's talk about True Blood Season 6, okay? Because, let's face it -- what ELSE are we gonna talk about?! Anyway. A lot of stuff sure did happen in last week's long-awaited premiere, "Who Are You Really?" -- some would say TOO much stuff. But such is the nature of a True Blood season premiere, say I -- between picking up where last season's plot lines left off and starting new stories, they're always a bit on the chaotic side. That's why I'm super-psyched for tonight's episode, "The Sun." With all that introductory crap out of the way, anything can happen! Here are 5 things we're looking forward to: 


1. Sookie meeting Ben. We've heard a lot about this telepathic hottie -- will he live up to the hype?

2. Eric cornered by a SWAT team armed with anti-vampire weapons. Why? Because it's gonna be awesome to see him ESCAPE, that's why!!

3. Bill having a heart-to-heart with Lilith about his new powers. The best part? Neither one of them are all covered in blood!

4. Tara getting blasted by one of the aforementioned nasty anti-vampire weapons. What do those things DO, exactly??

5. Jason pulling a gun on the stranger who picked him up. It's soooo entertaining when Jason gets all tough guy!! Silly Jason.

Check out the video spoiler!

Crazy, huh?

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of True Blood?


Image via trueblood/Facebook

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