5 'Mad Men' Finale Hints About How Don Draper Will Come Crashing Down

don draper mad men season 6Mad Men season 6 has seen Don Draper hanging out in limbo before slowly but surely descending into his own personal hell. We know the man has been through hard times, but being caught with his pants down by Sally may be the worst thing that's ever happened to him. Between his personal life in shambles and his professional life at SC&P looking like it's on the brink, too, who knows how our protagonist will persevere?

Until tonight's season finale, entitled "In Care Of" airs, we can only guess ... Or delve into Matthew Weiner's latest interviews, which offer some clues about what we might expect in the season 6 finale and beyond! Here, 5 fascinating hints the show's notoriously secretive creator deigned to share ... 

  1. Don will redeem himself. Although Weiner refuses to say that he is in "judgment of" his characters, it sounds like he's not planning on completely destroying his protagonist. He told The Wrap, "[Don] does a lot of unpleasant things, but he also does a lot of good things. This season is kind of about him being in a crisis. Even though I see him doing terrible things, I feel for him. I wish he could stop himself -- and he wants to stop himself." And if that's Weiner's wish, he'll get it, doncha think?
  2. Don's hallucination on hash: Weiner clarifies that the hash hallucination Don had in California was meant to show us what was "on his mind." It's "a fantasy, a wish for Megan: that she will quit her job, and let him cheat on her, and have a baby." No huge surprise there, but how much you wanna bet Don's NOT going to get his wish?
  3. A death likely won't occur the way you're thinking it will. Although Weiner already squashed the Megan Draper-Sharon Tate theories lighting up the web, he recently reiterated to TV Guide that we ought to try to think less literally. "We're not yet in 1969, so [no Manson] this season. He's not in New York. ... There's a lot of death on this show, and sometimes the audience mistakes symbolism," he said. True that.
  4. There was no seed-planting in season 6 that'll lead to a shoe dropping in season 7. In other words, it doesn't sound like Weiner's planted some kind of seed in season 6 to spring a big surprise (like someone dying!) on us next season. He said, "I'm putting it all on the table for this season. ... I wish I were smart enough to figure out how to map the whole thing out, but I really go season-by-season."
  5. That said, the series' ending is all set. And it will have nothing to do with anyone falling out of a window. Sorry if that was your guess, but Weiner's got his series finale, which he has reiterated he "sort of figured out" two seasons ago. "I'm gonna stick to it," he vows. "You'll have to trust me when I get there that I thought of it a long time ago. I didn't write it down and lock it in a box."

Whatever happens tonight, Weiner hopes we'll find the finale "intriguing and emotional." Yeah, that's about as specific as his weekly teasers. But it's the best we're gonna get!

What are your predictions for tonight's season finale? What about the series finale?

Image via Jamie Trueblood/AMC

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